The Science of Wellness

Unraveling the Story of Sierra Gold®

Our Mission:

To provide a top line of nutritional supplements designed specifically to fill the needs of the equine athlete and do so at affordable prices.

“My fascination with what nutrition can do for animals began in December of 1977 when I was invited to join a company that was at the time the leading edge of livestock nutrition and one of the very first nutrition consulting firms that was totally independent of any feed manufacturers. I have been blessed to have studied under and worked with such pioneers in the feed industry as Dean Gresham and Lynn Hettrick as we developed management protocols and supplements with efficacy and sustainability.”
Dan Houdeshell CVCP

CEO and Founder

The Performance Horse

Performance horses from all of the disciplines; cutting, reining, eventing, racing, polo, endurance riding rodeo, etc. have huge demands placed on them in competition as well as traveling thousands of miles throughout the year. All of our supplements have been scientifically designed to help meet those demands.

The Science of Equine Nutrition

We constantly strive to explore ways to enhance the health and performance of both horses and dogs. With our primary focus being on performance horses, we utilize over 50 years of experience to evaluate and implement those things that help give your animals the competitive edge while maintaining good health and vitality.

Top-Quality, Bio-Available & Functional Ingredients

No Fillers, Binding Agents, Artificial Ingredients, or Preservatives

Always Fresh

Consistent Results

We know that you want the very best for your horses and dogs. Only the highest quality, most bio-available ingredients with proven track records make it into Sierra Gold® products. This is why our clients, many of whom have been loyal Sierra Gold® feeders for over 25 years, can expect consistent results every time.

You want to feed the best that you can afford and we make the best affordable™

Our Commitment to Excellence